Machine suitable to vacuum fill liquids such as oil, brine, syrup etc. in glass jars and tin cans already filled with solid products (vegetables like olives, peppers, capers, artichokes, legumes, fruit, fish fillets, cheese cubes, etc.).
Containers previously filled with the solid product by means of the Motor-driven Filling Table or the Vibration Filler, enter the Vacuum Filler on a conveyor, then a screw adjusts their pace and a transferring star positions them under the vacuum filling valves.
At this stage, by the pneumatic cylinder, the valves lower and position themselves on the container, thus starting the filling procedure according to the phases:
Vacuum formation.
Filling with the liquid.
Vacuum breaking by contact with environment air.
After the container has been vacuum filled it is conveyed to the Capper.
The machine is pre-arranged to be fed by centrifugal pump or gravity.
The machine is height-adjustable by means of an electromechanical device.
Fast change of the equipment for containers of different diameter and height.
After the start-up and the relevant adjustments the machine does not need any operator assistance.

Manufacturing features

Basement with supporting plate in carbon steel, structure and total covering with inspection doors in stainless steel, height adjustable supporting feet.
The basement includes the driving unit with variable speed motor, transmission devices and the air treatment group with solenoid valves.
Central column mounted on bearings on which the hanging carousel for containers support is fixed.
Filling carousel mounted on a telescopic column with mechanical device for height adjustment.
Filling liquid tank in AISI 316 stainless steel.
Central vacuum manifold, pneumatic cylinders for the valves up and down motion.
Special filling valves (STV patented) without sliding seals for liquid vacuum filling.
Cross mounted on bearings and fixed to 2 columns. It supports a ring on which the cams are installed for the vacuum, filling and environment air phases and also the up and down phases of the valves pneumatic cylinders. On this cross are mounted the float for the liquid level control, the vacuum filling valves and tank covers.
Vacuum pump of liquid ring type in cast iron and rotor in bronze with AISI 316 stainless steel tank.
The tank is connected to the machine central manifold and it is equipped with vacuum gauge, level indicator, manhole, washing sphere and discharge valve.
One screw for one size of container is supplied with the machine.
Electric control board in stainless steel.
Safety protection system as per CE norms.
Manufacturing in stainless steel, except for some parts which are in a different material suitable for their functioning.
On demand, the machine can be supplied with a tube nest HEAT EXCHANGER in AISI 316 stainless steel.
Vacuum Fillers of the range CRS are available in the following models:
Mod.CRS6 (with 6 valves) for an output capacity of 4.000 containers / hour approx. of 314 ml
Mod.CRS9 (with 9 valves) for an output capacity of 6.000 containers / hour approx. of 314 ml
Mod.CRS12 (with 12 valves) for an output capacity of 7.500 containers / hour approx. of 314 ml

technical data

Length: 3.000 mm (all models)
Width: from 1.100 to 1.600 mm max.