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Semi-automatic machine suitable for closing glass containers (jars and bottles) by means of TWIST-OFF CAPS, for small output capacities.

Manufacturing features

Stainless steel basement with height-adjustable supporting feet.
Column supporting the caps screwing unit, equipped with clutch, gear motor and rubber-holding head.
Hand-wheel connected to a stainless steel thread-bar for the screwing unit manual regulation according to the container's height.
Pneumatic cylinder operated by means of a valve which controls the lowering of the caps screwing unit.
The machine can treat containers of different sizes and twist-off caps with diam. up to 110 mm.

On demand the machine can be supplied with STEAM SPRIGGING UNIT for the vacuum formation inside the container after closure.
On demand the machine is available also in the TABLE VERSION (only in case the steam injection is not needed).

technical data

Output capacity:
200/250 containers/h approx. (depending on the operator's ability and on capsule's dimensions)
560 mm
660 mm